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We love Xero, and are proud to be Xero Gold Champion Partners, and are 100% Xero Certified, with Sharon named Xero UK’s Most Valued Professional 2016. Put simply Xero is a simple, smart and secure online bookkeeping software, designed for small businesses.
You can manage every aspect of your bookkeeping from anywhere, even from your mobile phone, including raising and emailing invoices; claiming expenses; managing VAT.   As your Xero accountant we view the same data that you do, and so can support and advise your business in real time.
We are also thrilled that all of our staff are Xero Certified, and regularly attend Xero Product Update sessions to keep up to date.

Monthly Fixed Fee Packages

We are all about working with you as part of your team, understanding what is best for you right now and working with as you and your business grows.
Our GrowMe, Guide Me and Support Me Packages are designed to keep you legal as well as giving you the extra support, guidance and encouragement that you need as a business owner to help you to future proof your business.
We will have a chat with you to find the most suitable package, and you can always add on extras for the perfect fit.


Xero Gold Award Winner

Xero apps we love

Xero has a whole family of apps, that make managing your business online a breeze. There are over 600 apps, but here are our favourites.

We are constantly looking at new apps, either for ourselves or to meet clients’ particular needs, so please check back from time to time. If you're interested in a particular app, and we don't have experience of it, we work with experienced Cloud Integrators who can assist.

Receipt Bank logo

Receipt Bank is a natty add-on that makes recording receipts and supplier invoices super easy. We use it ourselves, as do many of our clients. Not only is it a massive time saver, it also means you will be claiming far more expenses than you previously did, as you can photo them and submit to Reciept Bank on the fly via their app. So massive tax savings too! You can also submit directly from our website

Vend logo

Vend allows you to manage your retail store online, just using a tablet or laptop. There are also hardware bundles available that sync with Vend, including cash drawer, barcode scanner and receipt printer. We have several rural shops in Herefordshire using Vend, who are just loving it.

Spotlight Reporting logo

Spotlight Reporting and Forecasting pulls live data from Xero to produce really powerful but easy to read reports and cashflow forecasts, giving you the clarity to make informed business decisions.

Practice Ignition logo

Practice Ignition is a tool that we use to send out quotes, letters of engagements and requests for your records. It is a great online tool for communicating with you, our clients, and for keeping our legal requirements up to date. It syncs seemlessly with our Xero account and with Xero Practice Manager.

Workflow Max logo

Workflow Max integrates beautifully with Xero and allows your business to manage your clients, jobs, time and invoicing online. We use the accountants’ version, Xero Practice Manager, meaning that wherever we are, we have secure access to your data, meaning we can work efficiently with you.

Go Cardless logo

Go Cardless allows you to take online payments from customers without the hassle of a payment terminal and all those costs. Charges are 1% per transaction, maximum £2 per transaction. Click here for our £50 credit when you sign up.


Directli logo

Directli works hand in hand with Xero and Go Cardless to manage direct debits. Once the customer has approved the direct debit mandate, Directli looks to Xero for invoice due dates, and collects the payment via Go Cardless. One less thing to worry about.

Chaser logo

Chaser helps you chase your customers to pay their invoices on time; the polite persistence that pays! With them, you can automate the process of chasing your customers. All with you completely in the driver’s seat and replicating what you would do if chasing manually. That way your chasers have the maximum impact in getting your invoices paid.

Neatly logo

Neatly connects your Xero account to view a wide range of data important to your business, and compares next to a diverse choice of metrics.